DJI White Label “Clone” Drones – Specta & Anzu Robotics

These are drones that are sold by 3rds parties however are identical to DJI products and are believed to be “licensed” by DJI and manufatiresd in Malaysia. These drones all contain components and firmware very simialr to or identical to DJI including known proprietary components such as the DJI P1 (pigeon) chipset for Ocusync, also known as O2, O3, O3+, O4.

More information on the DJI Pigeon Chipset for Ocusync can be found below.

DJI P1 Chipset

History Of Digital FPV

Cogito Tech Company Limited


Cogito Tech Company is a company with a US listed address but are Hong Kong based with products labeled as manufactured in Malaysia.

This company currently has no website, no support infrastructure and product have only been for sale on

Warranty is provided by Amazon as far as we can tell.

Specta Brand Products

SPECTA is a brand owned by Cogito Tech which is a Hong Kong-based startup company working on innovative products such as consumer-grade robots. Our pre-production products include drones and unmanned vehicles, among others.

Specta Air Drone

Specta Air DJI Copy

This product is identical to DJI Air 3 apart and is 100% believed to be a “White Label” DJI drone with same features and spec.

Features & Spec Identical to DJI Air 3 including remote and software and ships with a white label DJI RC.

Specta Air Spec
  • DUAL CAMERAS – 24mm wide-angle camera with a bright f/1.7 aperture and a 70mm medium-telephoto lens at f/2.8 .
  • FLY SAFELY – all-direction obstacle sensing and auto-return to home point functions.
  • 46MIN BATTERY -Enjoy extended battery life of the camera drone to maximize your aerial experience.
  • 4K/60FPS&48MP – 4K/60fps HDR video and 48MP stills.
  • 2.7K VERTICAL – 2.7K vertical option of the RC drone.
  • SMART MOVES – The drone provides many intelligent functions.
  • 20KM TRANSMISSION – 20 km of image transmission with 1080p/60fps live feed.
  • RC WITH HD SCREEN – remote controller equipped with a 5.5-inch, 1920×1080 FHD screen.

More Info Here

Compatibility – DJI Air 3 accessories such as ND Filters will fit however DJI batteries and other DJI electronic accessories such as remote controllers will not work due to intentional software restrictions.

NFZ Fitted– Yes, product contains same NFZ system as DJI however there is no unlock system available for it at this time.

Activation Required – Yes same as DJI.

FCC Report Link

Specta Mini

Specta Mini Drone

Coming Soon white label (clone) of DJI Mini.

FCC Link

Anzu Robotics

Anzu Robotics appear to be a company with a US address but are Hong Kong based “shell company” with products labeled as manufactured in Malaysia


This product is identical to DJI Mavic 3E apart from color and is believed to be a “White Label” DJI drone with same features and spec as the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.

FCC ID Link –

User Manual –

Anzu robotics Raptor DJI Copy Drone

Remote is DJI RC PRO “White Label”

Anzu Robotics DJI Copy Remote RC Pro

Anzu Robotics Raptor & DJI Mavic 3E Technical Comparison – evidence identical to DJI Mavic 3E.

PCB design and components identical including being fitted with proprietary DJI P1 Chipset.

Anzu Robotics DJI Mavic 3E Clone Drone FCC
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