CaddX Avatar Moonlight Air Unit/VTX

The CaddX Moonlight DVR/Air Unit is new combined module that has a CaddX Avatar V2 dual antenna VTX and a new DVR board housed in one package.

This new module allows for higher recording resolution on the Avatar HD system up-to 4K60fps


●4k/60FPS●Startlight Camera
●Built-in EIS●Support Gyroflow
●Sd card●FOV 160°
●Dual Antennas●7.4V-25.2V

Review and Teardown

Moonlight DVR/Camera Specs

SensorStarlight sensor
FOVMax 160°
ShutterRolling shutter
Recording resolutionHigh Latency Mode 4K@30/60fps,2.7K@30/60fps1080p@60fps,720p@60fps
Low Latency Mode
DVR Max Mbps150Mbps
Video formatMP4 (H.264)
3D DNRSupport
Built-in EISSupport
Wide Power Input7.4V-25.2V
Power consumption12V@1.4A, 8V@2.2A
Memory card typeU3 MicroSD, Max 256G
Camera size19.6mm*19mm*24mm
VTX size15.3mm*34.5mm*34.5mm
VTX Installation hole distance20*20mm/25*25mm (M2)
Weight 38.5g(Antenna not included)

Questions and Answers

Q: Can you use the new camera with existing VTX on its own without out the DVR?

A: Yes, I have tested this and the camera behaves just like a normal avatar camera with any of the previous Avatar VTXs as long as you are on the latest firmware. There is no loss of FOV and you still have all the manual camera settings like ISO,Shutter ect. However there is no built in image stabilization option on the DVR but Gyro data is still recorded for Gyroflow and you still have the same DVR recording options as before. You do not gain the ability to record in 4K on a standard Avatar VTX with this new camera.

Q: Can the DVR be used with other Avatar VTX?

A: Yes and CaddX have said this will be available in the future.

Q: What is the power output of the new Moonlight DVR and VTX Module ?

A: Upto 1200mw as before when unlocked.

Q: Is the live view now 4K resolution?

A: No , nothing has changed on the Avatar HD system from an RF Link and resolution point of view. It remains 1080p max as before.

Q: Is the Avatar Bitrate now 150Mbps as per the spec on the CaddX website ?

A: No, the 150Mbps is the new moonlight DVR recording bitrate. The actual RF bitrate remains 25/50 Mbps as before.

Internal Images & Design

The Avatar Moonlight VTX is a two in one module, it consists of the Avatar V2 dual antenna VTX and a new DVR board. These are connected internally via a Mipi passthrough cable and power cables. There is also an external cable used to connect the two PCB boards when updating the firmware.

The Moonlight VTX is not like DJI O3 that’s an entire custom module and its instead a module made of separate parts. As a result the DVR board can be used with any of the Avatar VTX modules with compatible firmware in the future.

DVR Board

Moonlight DVR PCB Top
Moonlight DVR PCB Bottom (See Note Below)

Important Note

Preproduction DVR Board same version as Production DVR board labeled V1.2. However input voltage regulator changed from bQEQU to bQDWD believed to improve 6S compatibility

Avatar Moonlight DVR Input Regulator On Production Model

The VTX Board.

This is the same PCB as Avatar HD V2 dual antenna VTX capable of unto 1200mw

Moonlight VTX PCB Top (V2 VTX)
Moonlight VTX PCB Top (V2 VTX)

Input Regulator


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Would love to know what the naked weight is of the moonlight system. Since you took it apart, did you weigh it without the case?

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