Avatar HD VTX

The Avatar HD VTX is a digital video transmitter designed for use with the Avatar HD system from Caddx/Walksnail. Originally sold under the Walksnail brand this is actually part of CaddX FPV.

These VTX’s are designed to be used with the Avatar HD System by Caddx/Walksnail and work with receivers such as the Avatar HD Goggles, Avatar HD Goggles X, Avatar VRX Module and the Fatshark Dominator HD.

All Avatar VTX models are compatible with all Goggles, VRX’s and Cameras. They only differ in size, input voltage, RF power output, antenna port and overall form factor.

There have been many VTX modules since launch and I have listed them below. There is also a new Moonlight VTX/DVR as well that’s linked to separately on this Wiki here.

Basic Overview of All VTX

  • Frequency: 5.6 – 5.9Ghz
  • RF Power: 25-1200mw Model Depending
  • Antenna Ports: 1 – 2 Model Depending
  • Live Resolution: 720p/1080P
  • RF Bandwidth: 25Mbps 20Mhz / 50Mbps 40Mhz.
  • Live Frame Rates: 90fps Low Latency Mode, 60fps Normal Latent Mode.
  • Latency Type: Variable – signal dependent.
  • Latency Modes: Low 26ms+ variable, Normal 35ms+ variable.
  • DVR: 1080P 60fps Max (Moonlight 4K30)
  • OSD: MSP DP AKA Canvas Mode.
  • Compatibility: Avatar HD Goggles, Goggles X, Avatar VRX, Fatshark Dominator HD,Fatshark Recon HD
  • Spectator Mode: Yes With Avatar Goggles.
  • Camera Compatibility: All CaddX/Walksnail Avatar HD Cameras

Note: Avatar HD is not the same as DJI Digital FPV or DJI O3, there is zero compatibly between the two system on goggles, VTX or cameras. The systems are based off entirely differently SOC. More information on the SOC and background on the Avatar HD system is at the bottom of this page

Avatar 1S VTX V1 350mw

3.1V-5V Max RF Power 350mW.

Avatar 1S VTX V2 350mw

3.1V-5V Max RF Power 350mW.

Avatar VTX V1 1200mw 6S Max

Input Voltage: 6-25.2V Max RF 1200mw
Internal Storage: 8GB

Avatar VTX V2 Single Antenna 1200mw

Voltage Regulator Possibly SY8303AAIC

Avatar VTX V2 Double Antenna 1200mw

Input Regulator

Avatar V2 VTX Dual Antenna

Avatar Race VTX 500mw

3.1-13V voltage input and 500mw power output.

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Michael Luna

Michael Luna

I see you don’t have the V3 of the 1s on here. I have one of them and can take pictures of it if you like. The V3 supports voltages up to 3S.



From Caddx, the PN for the IC(four legged) for the new HD V2 vtx is SY8303AAIC.