Jumper T14 ExpressLRS Radio

The Jumper T14 is an EdgeTX based radio available in several radio versions including ExpressLRS 2.4Ghz and 900/868 Mhz.

The T14 is a “Mid” size radio with full size gimbals and all the usual switches and buttons you would expect on a handset of this class and is in direct completion with the Radiomaster Boxer and TBS Mambo.

The 2.4Ghz & 900Mhz ExpressLRS version supports 1w RF Power

Mads Review

Features & Specs

  • 2 x Full Size Gimbals – Hall Affect Sensors
  • 2 x 2 Pos Switches – outer front edges SA and SB
  • 2 x 3 Pos Switches inner front SC and SD
  • 2 x Corner Buttons, LH SE latching, RH momentary
  • 2 x 4 Way Trim Buttons
  • 1 x Power Button
  • 3 x EdgeTX Buttons & 1 x Roller Wheel
  • IO: Trainer Port
  • Display: 2.42″ OLED monochrome screen
  • Dimensions: 185x175x79mm
  • Weight: At 471g
  • Transmitter Module: 1W ELRS at 2.4GHz Or 900Mhz
  • Power: 2x 21700(not included )
  • Charging: 10w USB-C port
  • Firmware: EdgeTX
  • External Module: JR Bay On Rear

Internal Images

T14 Main PCB
T14 IO Board
T14 ExpressLRS Module
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