HDZero Compatible VRX Modules

HDZero is an unparalleled digital wireless video transceiver technology developed and fully owned by Divimath Inc. A HDZero transmitter broadcasts uncompressed video streams, and any HDZero receivers nearby are able to pick up the video with less than 1ms fixed latency. With its smart de-Noise techniques (patent pending), HDZero is able to reach a much longer range per mW. HDZero works perfectly with current analog video transmitters, and is fully compatible with current race timing systems. With supporting MSP canvas mode and SmartAudio protocol, HDZero works seamlessly with various flight controllers and radio controllers.

Fat Shark Shark Byte HD Zero compatible VRX Module

This module was the first model released under the Shark Byte brand using HD Zero chipset and is compatible with all VTX modules by both HDZero and Fat Shark.

  • Model RX5.1
  • Weight:80.3g
  • Dimensions:105 x 21 x 39mm
  • Operating Frequencies:5.725-5.850GHz
  • Input Power: 5.5mm Barrel Connector, 8-16V Center Pin Positive

Internal Images

Repairs & Diagnostics

Dead module, blown fuse on DVR Power board shown here

Scroll wheel resistor knocked off during installing elrs backpack causing the scroll wheel not to work.

Please see resistors and values

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