Digital FPV Latency Testing

Here you will find the result of my digital FPV system latency testing.

More information on test methods and these charts can be found in the below video.

All Digital System Latency Results (Excludes O4 – See Below)

Digital FPV Latency

DJI FPV & O3 All Modes ( O4 Listed Secretly)

Below is a chart showing the latency of the DJI Digital FPV System as well as DJI O3 in each recording mode.

The recording mode selected in DJI O3 directly affects the latency and the frame rates available, this chart shows the modes and their affect.


Overall O4 in lowest latency mode 100fps offers the same latency as O3, In other frames rates it is a little lower than DJI O3 however still not as low as the original DJI Digital FPV System.

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