Caddx Walksnail Goggles X

Image Credit CaddX FPV

The Caddx Goggles X are the replacement for the original Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles.

These new goggles have an all new design, are manufactured by Caddx FPV and feature

Product Features:

  • 1080p Oled Displays 50 degree FOV +2 – 6 Diopter
  • Upgradable Avatar HD VRX Module with DVR
  • Analog Input via 3.5mm Jack ( No Analog DVR Onboard)
  • HDMI In & Out 720/1080P 100/60fps.
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • 7-26v 2-6S Compatible

These goggles are fully compatible with all existing Avatar HD VTX’s with the standard VRX.


The New Goggles X feature an top mounted VRX module accessible with 2 screws. Caddx FPV have stated they intend to release a new upgraded Avatar System and new module for these goggles mid 2024 with improved range (20+km) however compatibly with existing vtx or cost is unknown.

Additional Information.

●Weight 290g●+2 to-6 diopter
●FOV 50°●Lenses can be replaced
●Front cover DIY●Infrared Sensing
●1080P/100FPS●Sharing mode
●HDMI input●Replace VRX
●HDMI output●Built-in Gyro (in development)
●AV in●Built-in Bluetooth Wi-Fi module (in development)

Mads Review Of Goggles X

Goggles X Antenna Layout

Caddx Goggles X like the original Avatar Goggles still use a SIMO layout, there is only one antenna that transmits however its the opposite side to the original goggles.


I tore the Goggles X Down as part of the original review at the top of the page. Images below were by Mads Tech or shared by M Bundy with permission for use.

Below images Credit M Bundy

Issues & Repair Info


The Goggles X have been found to be prone to overheating on the RH display labeled as LED 1. This causes a green hew or a shut down of the display its self until its cooled down.

I did a deep dive on this issue in this video

Caddx have subsequently release new firmware that has improved power consumption by as much as 14% and reduced temperatures.

Caddx have also announced a free replacement heatsink for the Goggles X to help reduce temperatures as well.

It is not confirmed at this time if this resolves the issues for all users.

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